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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ready for Christmas!

We are hosting another open house in a few weeks, hoping it will be as successful as the last one, especially since it will be only a few weeks before Christmas! We have made a ton of Christmas/holiday cards. I have some of them for sale online in our etsy store and on our Facebook page. Here are some samples...

Handmade greeting cards add a unique touch to the sentiment because they are not mass produced in a factory and are made with real hands and creativity!

I'm looking at making some new types of merchandise for the new year. I have so many ideas running around in my head. I can't wait to put them into motion. I think we are going to concentrate our efforts on the animal/pet niche. We are even thinking about hosting a special event next year for a a week or however long, and give a percentage of our sales to an animal rescue of some type (haven't decided on one specific one yet). If you are an animal lover, you will want to come back soon!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall and Halloween Time Is Here!

We have been working on a few Fall items as well as gearing up for the Christmas season. For fall, we have been mainly working on note cards and small gift items.. I have ideas for some fun Halloween items but we just haven't had time to get them done and October is almost over! We will know to plan earlier next year!

Here are a few of the note cards we have made:

And these super cute gem magnets:

These items are currently not available on our Etsy store but if you are interested in anything, become a fan on our Facebook page or send us an email

I have recently started a new job and the orientation/training part has sucked up most of my free time but in a week or so, I will only be working part time, giving me more time to work on new items!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our First Open House

Last Sunday afternoon, we held our first open house. We invited local friends to come, and enticed them into bringing a guest by offering a free gift if you brought a guest (a magnet). B made some delicious food and we held a drawing for a gift basket that was filled with various items from our shop.

The open house proved to be a success and we were quite surprised at how many sales we had, and I even got a few custom orders that I am really excited about doing. Here are a few photos from our open house.

The yummy food table that got rave reviews!

The "crowd" of shoppers.
Our table of cards. These were a big hit.

Our doggy table. One fleece dog toy that was left and some dog cards (even sympathy cards for the loss of a pet). We had 2 doggy gift baskets that sold almost immediately.

We were very happy with the turnout at our first open house and plan to do it again. We are now going to begin working on Fall and Winter/Christmas items and do a few holiday craft shows in the fall and winter. 

We have a lot of new items to show you soon and some fun things planned!

Friday, July 27, 2012

New Hemp Jewelry

I'm not going to add any more items to our Etsy store until after our open house in a few weeks because I don't want to add something and then sell it at the open house and have to take it down. For now, I'm just going to showcase some of the new things that we have made. I've been working on making necklaces and earrings. Thinking about selling them as a set but not sure yet. Would love some opinions?

Hemp choker. The stone in the middle is genuine Jade.

Hemp Tear Drop Earrings with small key. These keys are very small and I thought they would be very cute to use as earrings.

I'm getting better with the hemp cord and making different designs with it. Even though you can't see too well on the earrings, the hemp is in a spiral design.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Welcome to B and D Novelties and Gifts! We are a ma and daughter team that are using our crafting skills to make fun gifts for everyone. We are just starting out and only have a few products under our belts but I decided to start this blog to take you along on our journey of attempting to build up a crafting business. Right now, we currently have some jewelry and greeting cards/notecards available however, we have plans to make a variety of other things including magnets, purses, dog toys, pet gift baskets, and more. This is a learning experience for us and we will share what we learn in this blog along with showing you some of our products and our newest designs. Eventually, we will open an Etsy shop but I wanted to get the blog started first. Now for introductions:

The "B" part of B and D is Becky. She is a grandmother of 3 that works a full time office job. She loves dogs and spends her spare time with her Beagle, Izzi and her huge German Shepard, Kenji.

The "D" part of B and D is me, Deanna. I'm a work at home freelance writer mom with 3 kids and a husband. I don't have a lot of spare time but I do enjoy making crafts and using my imagination to come up with new ideas. I'm also a pet lover and we have plans on making gifts for pets as well as people. I will be the one posting on here most of the time but hoping that B will post once I show her how, lol.

Please do us a favor and follow us or leave a comment letting us know that you have stopped by!

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