Friday, November 16, 2012

Pop Tab Earrings

Finally finished a few pop tab earrings. Worked on a few different designs but I think these two are my favorites so far:

I think these are super cute, especially for the holiday season.  Red tabs with silver glitter and the red tear drop bead! I think I'm going to make an extra pair for myself!

I used purple hemp with these to attach them to the earring posts and then added some pretty sparkly beads! The pop tabs are black with purple glitter. Who doesn't like glitter!?!?

I am dealing with some health issues at the moment which is draining the energy right out of me. Been trying to work on some handpainted Christmas ornaments and I think we are going to host another open house next month, since our first one was such a success!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pop Tab Jewelry

We have slowly been working on new items. B is moving this weekend so packing has stolen a lot of our free time because I have also been helping as much as possible. I've been working on some new projects at home when I can find a little bit of time here and there. I'm working on pop tab jewelry. Here are a few things I've come up with so far...
This is a black tab with purple glitter. The details didn't show up too well in this photos but I will take better pics when they are all finished.

This tab is red with an opaque/metallic layer on top.

I am working on different designs and ideas and will post everything new here!