Saturday, June 30, 2012

Purple Earrings and Rocker Bracelet!

We had a little change of plans and will not be doing our first vendor fair but we are currently making plans to host an open house in August! We will invite friends to come and see what we have to offer and also have some drawings for giveaways along with some delish food! I'm looking forward to it and hope it helps spread the word about our growing business!

I have been working on making more items with hemp. I've made a keychain and some earrings. I have all kinds of ideas for earring designs and will continue working on them and sharing them with you.
Purple twisted hemp earrings with 4 beads.

This is another bracelet that I made this week:
This was a fun bracelet to make! I utilized a variety of beads along with a skull charm and a guitar charm. Great for any rocker to wear!

You can find all of these items in our Etsy store or email us directly for more information! Also, don't forget to follow our FACEBOOK page for more photos and updates!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Purple Hemp Jewelry

I am finally getting better at making hemp jewelry. I've been practicing with the new purple hemp that I got (I love purple) and have made a few bracelets and an anklet, adding a few beads and charms to it. I'm finally getting the hang of it and I plan on also making some keychains and even some earrings. I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to do the earrings but I will play around with it until I come up with something that I really like.

The purple hemp bracelet and anklet set.

A close up of the hemp bracelet. It has a dolphin charm on the end.

Visit our Etsy shop to see what else we have added!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Door Stops and Merchandise Coming Soon

We have been busy ordering new supplies and working on more merchandise. As you can see from the photo below, B has made a door stop with a cute little goat on it. She plans on making more of these with a variety of designs on them. We will soon be working on making more greeting cards, including some more humorous designs instead of basic typical greeting cards. We are also going to try our hands at making our first jean purse. This will be interesting, and if we get the hang of it, they should be very cute! We will keep updating you, so keep checking back or subscribe so that every time we post something new, it will come directly to your email.

This photo is of our little set up so far. We will continue to grow. We had our first Etsy sale! It was for some vintage earrings though, not something we have made.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Vintage Jewelry

B and I have had a lot of my grandmother's things stashed away since she passed away a year and a half ago. My grandmother loved to wear jewelry and she had all kinds. After she died, family members went through and picked out what we wanted from her jewelry, and what was left was just stashed away in the basement. We finally got some of it out and I decided to put it up on Etsy because it is vintage jewelry. I have a few things up there right now but have more to add. Here are a few of the beauties we have up there

Beautiful lavender necklace with matching clip-on earrings.

I have a few more necklaces to list and some earrings. They are just sitting taking up space at my mom's house so maybe someone would like them who appreciates vintage jewelry.

In other news, we are having a big garage sale at my mom's house this Saturday and we are going to have a special table set up with just our handmade merchandise! I'm not sure what to expect since it's just a garage sale but would be nice to make a few sales. Our business cards were just delivered so we will be handing those out as well. After the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for this garage sale is over, we will begin working on items for the craft show next month. We are going to attempt making our first purse made out of jeans.. should be super cute as long as we do everything right, haha. B is working on making some really nice door stops, and we will also have our first doggy gift basket at the show. Exciting things are coming for us!!

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