Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pony Bead Bracelets and Charms

Once I got the hang of friendship bracelets, I worked my way up the ladder to bead bracelets with basic pony beads. I made a few of these when I was younger; I even made an awesome necklace for my husband before we got married and he still has it! My second grader made one in school so these are not difficult to make obviously, but it's fun to play around with designs and add other beads or charms into the mix. These are a few basic pony bead bracelets that I started out with

Playing around with charms

They were kind of difficult at first. I would make some that ended up being too long and then some that ended up being too short. I think the short ones would work for kids. Again, if you are interested in any of the products posted on the blog, email us! 


  1. Super cute! Makes me wish I had some little girls in my family. They'd be a perfect gift idea! Great to see you expanding the types of bracelets too!

  2. lol, my daughter is always trying to steal them out of my stash!! I keep telling her that we are going to TRY to sell them eventually!

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