Friday, August 17, 2012

Our First Open House

Last Sunday afternoon, we held our first open house. We invited local friends to come, and enticed them into bringing a guest by offering a free gift if you brought a guest (a magnet). B made some delicious food and we held a drawing for a gift basket that was filled with various items from our shop.

The open house proved to be a success and we were quite surprised at how many sales we had, and I even got a few custom orders that I am really excited about doing. Here are a few photos from our open house.

The yummy food table that got rave reviews!

The "crowd" of shoppers.
Our table of cards. These were a big hit.

Our doggy table. One fleece dog toy that was left and some dog cards (even sympathy cards for the loss of a pet). We had 2 doggy gift baskets that sold almost immediately.

We were very happy with the turnout at our first open house and plan to do it again. We are now going to begin working on Fall and Winter/Christmas items and do a few holiday craft shows in the fall and winter. 

We have a lot of new items to show you soon and some fun things planned!


  1. The food looks awesome... I am glad ya'll are doing so well!