Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Items For Sale!

So excited! We have plans to do our first flea market/craft show in July which will take place in the Bowling Green, Ohio mall! I am excited to do this and see what everyone thinks of some of our merchandise!

Speaking of merchandise, B made these over the weekend (sorry for the bad pics, these were taken with my cell phone instead of our digital camera)

Aren't these cute?? There is one other that says, "Dance" on it. We will have these for sale at the above craft show in July.

We have also been working on a few new greeting cards, especially for Father's Day. Here are a few we have recently come up with

I will probably post these in our Etsy shop soon. You can also send us an email if interested!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Attempt at Hemp Bracelets

One thing I really wanted to work with was hemp. I wanted to learn how to make some really cute hemp jewelry. I bought a spool of hemp cord without knowing what I was getting or what I needed. I just saw it and grabbed it. Once I began searching for various ways to make jewelry with hemp, I realized that what I got was too big. I did get some practice done with it and these are my first few attempts

My first attempt adding beads, but could only used wide mouth beads.

With a little practice and smaller hemp cord.

I recently got some purple hemp and am excited about playing around with it to see what I can come up with! Soon enough, I will have some of my hemp bracelets and necklaces up in our etsy store!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Bracelets and our Etsy Store!

Yes! Our Etsy store is finally open!! Please check it out B and D Novelties and Gifts Etsy Store . We only have 4 items in our store at the moment but I've got a lot more to list this week so bookmark it and keep checking back!

First thing I wanted to share is that my 8 year old had a book fair at school last week. He used money that he earned mowing grass for B for the book fair. He bought a few books for himself and also came home with this:

Yep, he was thinking of his mommy and he was just so proud that he got it for me! It's actually pretty cool. It has some different methods of making bracelets that I've not seen before and has given me some new ideas! Plus I like the charms that were included and will definitely use them.

I wanted to share a couple new bracelets that I have recently made. These two are up on our Etsy store right now.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cute Magnets

The chocolates ended up being a big hit at B's job especially considering that a few years ago the company decided to jump on the healthy band wagon and allow only healthy snacks in the vending machine. Being that most of the staff is female.. well, you know, haha... needless to say, the chocolates sold out quickly! We decided we are not going to sell these online just because we are not sure how to ship them without them melting, so for now, they will just be sold at craft shows and B's work.

Another one of our new projects is magnets. I love making these, they are so easy and fun. All you need is some glass gems, some decoupage, magnets, and some pretty paper or pictures. I'm going to try making some of these with my kids' school photos to see about possibly making custom magnets for people. Here are a few of the designs that we have made so far. I've had a difficult time getting good photos of these because everything reflects off of the gems.
Hugs, Love, and Smile magnets

Various Designs
We are going to sell these online in groups of 3 however, when we are working at craft shows, we will sell each one individually so that people can pick and choose the ones that they want.

I've spent a big part of this week taking photos of of the merchandise we have so far and editing the photos so that they are ready to go up on Etsy. Pretty soon, hopefully within a few days, our Etsy shop will be up and running and ready for business!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who Loves Chocolate??

B had the idea of making candies to sell. These will mostly be sold at craft shows and flea markets but we may make an attempt to sell packages of them online as well (not sure about that one yet). Last weekend we spent a day working on our first attempt at making these candies. Here are some photos:
The beginning...

Our first batch of white chocolate. We planned on adding some color onto the shoes and other molds but our first attempt at adding color didn't turn out but we think we figured out the trick and will try it again soon.

This is how they will be packaged.

The back.

Milk Chocolate.
These will look much better when they have some color added into the purses. We are planning on getting some other molds to use as well. Who doesn't love chocolate???